The Organizing Committee informs that the IITE-2016 International Conference
“ICT in Education: Innovation for Quality, Openness and Inclusion" has been postponed.

The new dates of the Сonference will be announced as soon as they are determined.

We do hope you will be able to take part in the Conference in 2017.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

UNESCO IITE organizes international conferences once every two years to provide a forum for education policy makers, practitioners and experts for discussing the cutting-edge issues in the use of ICT in education. This year, building on the Incheon Declaration, the Quindao Declaration, the Education 2030 Framework for Action and Sustainable Development Goals, IITE-2016 International Conference will further the discussion of the role of ICT in the context of post-2015 education agenda and will focus on the impact of innovative approaches in the use of ICT for the sake of provision of inclusive and quality education, widening access to and openness of formal and non-formal education.

Keynote Speakers

Themes of IITE-2016

  • ICT in early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education: achievements, trends and prospects
  • Innovative educational technologies, methodologies, practices and content (OER and MOOC)
  • ICT in TVET: policy advice and regional cooperation
  • ICT for inclusion and accessible education environment
  • ICT for health education
  • Philosophical and methodological aspects of new pedagogy

Target Audience

The Conference will be attended by the UN agencies representatives, national policy-makers from the Ministries of Education, heads of leading universities, practitioners from academic institutions and teacher training centres, international experts, educators and innovators in the field of ICT in education, coordinators and members of UNESCO Global Networks, specialists from NGOs, IGOs, and private IT companies.

Expected Outcomes

Accepted presentations will be published at the Conference website. All presentations delivered during the Conference will be uploaded to the Conference website.

The Conference Final Document will contain a general information about the event along with synthesis reports of plenary sessions, thematic sections and round table. A special part of the Final Document will reflect recommendations of the Conference based on discussions and proposals of the event participants. Recommendations will include both the technical and policy implications and outline appropriate follow-up activities in the context of cooperation of the Conference participants supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal #4 on Education “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, and appropriate targets of  the “Education 2030” Framework of Action.


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